Beautiful Branding

Friday, December 13, 2013

I've shifted my studio to the Annapolis Valley in NS for a few weeks.  I'm hanging out with my folks again making some great dinners, watching their fancy cable and stoking the fire.  This part of the world is a whole lot different during the winter months, but there is something cozy and wondrous about it at the same time.   Businesses shut down after Christmas for a few months but at this time of year there are lots of festive parties and concerts - the community loves to come together.  We've had a ton of snow already and are due for a mighty nor'easter on Sunday.  I don't mind it.  Winter is so much more palatable in the country.  Things I'm missing about my kitchen studio at home: the light, the constant stream of CBC Radio1 and the gluten free baked goods from my Landlords.  Things I like about this new makeshift studio in my parents dining room: way more space to lay out fabric and cut, a better heavier iron and most importantly the chatter of my mom and dad in the background.

Things are ticking along with my handmade business.  Although I have a few plans for a couple of different lines, I am moving full steam ahead building my pocket square inventory.  Here is an example of the final product with the branding.  I'm really pleased with the simplicity of the design.  I have also been doing some custom orders for personalized ladies handkerchiefs.  I'm pretty pleased with how the cross stitch monograming turned out.


Apartment Fame

Monday, November 25, 2013

Many thanks to the Apartment Therapy folks for featuring my little space last week as a "House Call".  It is fun to see it up there on the big internet screen.  I have really enjoyed putting it all together over the years and am always pleased when other people appreciate my choices as well.


High Flying

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One of the other things I do in my life other than decorating spaces, sewing pocket squares and refurbishing furniture is acting. For many years I've somewhat made a career of it,  dabbling here and there on stage and screen.  I realized that I rarely refer to my acting biz world on my blog as it is a place I've mostly dedicated to aesthetics and the things I enjoy making.  I've been a longtime collector of vintage clothing as well as wares.  I thought this would be a fun pic to share of a commercial I shot recently. I got to be an elite traveler parading through the airport in style with an entourage of 6 gorgeous model pilots.  I love the vintage Catch Me If You Can vibe of this spot.  And as for the company - I have to say my career was made all in one day.  I can now retire happy.


ikat aqua

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've been working on this antique lady's parlour accent chair for the past few weeks and I am pretty happy with the result.  I love this Robert Allen ikat giving this very traditional chair a modern spin.  I finally mastered my own double welt chord for a polished professional upholstered look.  This beauty is for sale if you know someone looking.  It would also make a lovely christmas or housewarming surprise.


Pocket Change

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Well...I'd like to take credit for the title but it comes from my mother who suggested I start a new business making pocket squares.  I'm not sure I'm there yet, but I'm having a pretty good time putting these together.  I had made a couple of pocket squares as a birthday gift a couple of months back and they have apparently gained some notoriety around the workplace so I have been making some more to distribute.  I happened upon some fat quarters of Liberty of London fabric at the Workroom and was able to get a couple out of each piece.  The fabric is 100% cotton but is so finely woven it almost feels like silk.  I've now learned how to miter corners, which is also a pretty great skill to have in your back pocket.


Chair fame

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

These little babies are getting a lot of attention lately.  Thanks so much to apartment therapy for adding them to their before and after files a few weeks ago.  Also, thanks to all those apartment therapy readers who took the time to give feedback.   Your kind words were very much appreciated.  We are all blushing.  Catch the full feature here:


Nifty Navy

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I was a little overwhelmed by all the colour in the corner of my living room, especially one said ikea cushion. I wanted something a little more put together and liked how all the blues worked to compliment each other.  Since I have been working on a bunch of different cushion covers over the past couple of weeks, I whipped one out in this really great blue and white geometric.  The pillow  behind it is a navy blue velvet and the deer in front is the same as before.  Kinda fun and a little more sophisticated.


Bedroom Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I've been a slave to the television commercial industry for the past couple of weeks hence my absence from here.  I have, however, managed to do a bit of sewing during the off hours and finally finished a few throw pillows for my bed.  The burgundy and white ikat geometric you see below comes from Designer Fabrics on Queen in Toronto and so does the pink striped crushed velvet, it has some great texture.  I decided I wanted to go back to crisp white bedding but was drawn to these mustard and white striped sheets from West Elm.  They were the perfect shade to match the yellow in the vintage "Pheasantry" Sanderson linen throw at the bottom of the bed.   The antique framed prints above the bed keep with the bird theme.  They come from a stall at  Southworks Antiques in Cambridge ON.  I stumbled upon them on a trip with my aunt a few months back and knew they would be absolutely perfect somewhere.  I'm realising how difficult getting a good picture of this room is as it is quite small, painted deep burgundy and only has one window.  This gives you a little glimpse anyway.


Big Blog Love

Sunday, August 25, 2013

There were many pics of this gallery wall collage in my living room on the 'ol world wide web this past week.  Many thanks to Design*Sponge and EQ3's blog Inhabit for doing some features on my designs.  Max at Design*Sponge did a great piece on the two Mid-Century Modern chairs that I redid and Inhabit was kind enough to feature some of my living room details along with the Reverie sofa I purchased as a gift to myself for Christmas last year.  Thank you so much to both sites for your kind words.  I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my ideas with the world, outside of this blog.
In case you missed it here are the links :


Quirky Kitchen

Friday, August 16, 2013

This kitchen is quirky.  When I moved in my landlords assumed that they would have to buy a new stove for the tenant.  I imagine they were somewhat overjoyed to find out that I was really excited by the old Findlay model - four years later and it's still cooking with gas.  The layout of the kitchen isn't  the most convenient space to work in, but what it lacks in function it makes up for in cheerful charm.  I love the character of the old 50's cupboards and wouldn't trade them for the sleekness of any new model.  They just wouldn't work in here.   


Moody Monday

Monday, August 12, 2013

It was indeed a moody Monday.  The weather was all over the place, it didn't quite know where to go, but I'm content that the crazy heat hasn't hit us again.  I've been working on several mood boards for various projects over the past little bit.  I thought I'd take a few minutes to put a couple up here.   

the sophisticated baby nursery...

and some living room glamour... 


The Garden Deck

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've been giving these little packs of cards as gifts lately.  Wonderful designs by Frausto & Co.  Each card has a fruit, veg or herb on the face and the back gives you detailed instructions for growing success. They are perfect for playing a hand of bridge or for knowing how much to water your carrots.  Win win.  They also have really great packaging.

image fab.com


round the bend, she'll be waiting

Monday, August 5, 2013

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching these two amazing people get hitched.  Here is one of my favourite moments...


Bunting Baby!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I've been playing around with my Grandmother's old Husqvarna sewing machine with my Mother's guidance.  Here is the fruit of today's labour - bunting.


Granville Ferry

I've spent the past couple of weeks visiting my Mom and Dad on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.  I feel very lucky to been able to take this time with them and to have the ocean as my backyard.  They live in one of the most picturesque little villages I have ever visited.  Just across the water from Annaoplis Royal, Granville Ferry is a unique piece of the world.  Nestled between a wooded mountain and a sheltered portion of the Fundy shore, the houses are an interesting mix of captain's houses, classic Victorian and Georgian Colonial homes.  I take a walk through the village everyday to collect the mail at the Community Hall.  The other day I decided to snap some pictures as I went.  Here is a selection of some of my favourites.  I really could have kept going for pages.  There are so many little gems here.  The little red one just below is the workshop of a cobbler that makes shoes for Broadway.  Also in my pics are a converted church house, a captain's house with a model ship in the window and my Mom and Dad's, soon to be painted, mustard and green porch - the best in the village I'd have to say. 


rainy revelry

Friday, June 28, 2013

A fair share of rain for us so far this summer.  Today I'm working from the couch as there is no real reason the venture outside.  I am getting geared up for a trip out east to see my Mom and Dad.  Looking forward to some ocean air.


swatch watch

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The textile swatches are in from Tonic Living.  Apparently I am very drawn to the geometric prints these days.  The navy blue diamond lines in the top right corner will be the cover for two more mid-century modern teak chairs.  The mustard geometric next to it will be the cover of a footstool to contrast an aqua ikat chair I am working on.  Many upholstery projects on the go at the moment.  I am going to have to take them outside into the sunshine.


modern mix

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My apartment lends itself very well to mixing and matching.  It is full of character and has great floors and solid bones.  I like the idea of juxtaposing modern things within these classic lines.  When I moved in many of the walls were painted crazy colours.  This robins egg blue in my living room was initially too much for me and I spent the first few months contemplating painting.  I'm particularly drawn to white walls with bursts of colour in furniture and accessories.  But as time went on it started to grow on me.  There is something almost restful to it for me now.  I'd say this is one of my favourite corners in the house.  It is also one of my more modern vignettes.  This structured, boxy oversized lounge chair covered in a sheepskin throw is perfect to settle into with a good book (or computer).  I reupholstered a classic antique ottoman with a simple textured geometric pattern.  The silkscreen on the wall, rattan lamp and throw cushions are all new modern pieces.  I couldn't resist putting a bit of emerald green, antique glass in the window.  It just looks so great in the morning light.


Beautiful Brass Bobbles

Monday, June 17, 2013

I've been really lusting after all things brassy lately, slowly picking up little pieces at auctions and antique stores - book ends, vases, light fixtures.   I'm finding that they work really well with the tones of my teak mid-century modern furniture.

Here is a nice inspiration wall from Jonathan Adler that instantly caught my eye.  The brassy bits just pop and I love the warmth they bring into the room.  It is instantly elevated.

Jonathan Adler


Green Bean

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've been riding my almost brakeless, very rickety 1964 Raleigh Sport 3 Speed for the past five years and I was beginning to notice that I was choosing public transit over my bicycle far too frequently.  I think the weight of the thing and its rather abrupt gears were really starting to wear on me.  It was a gift from my friend Tom when we were living in Halifax in 2006.  He ventured across the street to a garage sale and came back with a lovely vintage Raleigh for I think $25 bucks.  It has served me well.

Growing up my family had a bright green Volkswagon Westfalia camper van that we drove east for a summer, until we ended up buying a cottage in NS.  We called it the "Green Bean" because my dad had some body work done on it before the big trip and then had it painted a beautiful bright Kelly Green.  I have been looking at upgrading my bicycle situation for the past year with the ambition of riding a little more often.  This bike, the very same colour as the 'ol "Green Bean",  jumped out at me the other day as I walked trough the Annex.  It was  a beautiful day and I was pressed for time and contemplated taking the subway home.  If only I had my bike.   She is a Linus Dutchi 3 Speed designed in Venice, California, with lovely classic character and flare.  I couldn't stop thinking about this beauty so I went back yesterday aft and took her for a spin.  She is smooth and shifts effortlessly and has a whole bunch of options for attachments and baskets.  I was sold.  A little bit of an investment now will no doubt pay off with huge joy over the summer months.


Happy Easter

Friday, March 29, 2013


Summer Silk

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I fell in love with this silk Peter Jensen dress while hopping around the internet.  The "Lodge" print reminds me of the summer I spent in the mountains.  I think it would go quite nicely with the nude Swedish Hasbeens that I recently acquired dreaming of Summer.  I'm also kind of loving this model's up-do.  Makes me long for those bangs that framed my face for so many years.  I've been secretly considering taking the plunge and getting them again.

 Peter Jensen


Mid-Century Recovery

Sunday, March 17, 2013

They are finally finished... The chairs that took a great deal of blood sweat and tears.  Between re-foaming the seats and backs and waiting for the fabric to arrive from the manufacturer, it was quite a lengthy process.  I'd only ever tried smaller upholstery projects in the past and these were a little trickier.  I had to shape the foam myself and apply decorative tacks to the seat backs.  It was all worth it.  Im very pleased with the results.  I've already had a couple of offers to buy them,  but i think these ones will be for me.  I just like them too much.

Here are a few other snapshots of the process.


Saving the Daylight

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tonight is the night when the clocks slide forward and we get to have a little more light in our lives.  The city is shifting - warming up to spring.  I have been busy puttering around the house and have found a lot of joy in having some springy flowers about to muffle the sights of melting snowbanks.  I image we will see some flakes again before it is totally safe to put away the puffy coats for good, but still something has shifted.


Soul Soothing

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've been a little under the weather lately and have been spending a lot of time on this...
Couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.
I've also been working on a few other projects to show and tell shortly. Stay Tuned.


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