Literally Hugging this Huggy Mid Century Modern Chair and Ottoman

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This summer has been a whirlwind.  I have been lucky to have a lot of freedom to enjoy it.  Our apartment is coming along, we've been able to get out of the city to visit family in St. Mary's Ontario lots and I was able to spend some time out east with my parents - we threw a big party to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  I've tossed myself back into the ring for acting things and the other day between a couple of callbacks I decided to stroll over to the local thrift store to see what might be lurking in the shadows.  It turned out to be a bumper crop of a day when I stumbled upon this virtually brand new armchair and ottoman.  I couldn't believe it was $100 for the entire set!  I swear I nearly fell over.  All the shop folk could tell me was that it had come in that morning from head office.  After I brought it home I did a little research online and finally found out that it is a Huggy Mid Century Chair and Ottoman.  Listed for up to two thousand dollars more than I paid depending on which site you go to, this was a huge feather in my thrifting cap.


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