Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Monday, December 29, 2014

Its been a very busy holiday season for us this year.  We hosted our annual holiday "Oyster and Stew" bash and then my entire family for Christmas.  It was nice to have a full house brimming with cheer and  treats.  The leftovers are still flowing.  We also now know we are able to fit 12 (very creatively) around our dining room table.  
We have almost been in this Parkdale house for a year and I still feel so lucky to call it home. It is such a bright, warm and inspiring space that I am still discovering.  Below is a glimpse of a couple of new additions to the living room, including this amazing quilt form Hopewell Workshop.  I finally put down  an area rug to camouflage the floors that are just a little worse for wear.  I also somehow managed to justify giving myself a marble coffee table for my birthday.  The hobbit closet to the right of the couch is about to get stuffed to the brim with christmas decorations…until next year! In the new year I will tackle our master bedroom (there are wallpaper plans in the works) and do a little more work on the bathroom, perhaps a little more paint.  More photos to come soon!


Literally Hugging this Huggy Mid Century Modern Chair and Ottoman

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This summer has been a whirlwind.  I have been lucky to have a lot of freedom to enjoy it.  Our apartment is coming along, we've been able to get out of the city to visit family in St. Mary's Ontario lots and I was able to spend some time out east with my parents - we threw a big party to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  I've tossed myself back into the ring for acting things and the other day between a couple of callbacks I decided to stroll over to the local thrift store to see what might be lurking in the shadows.  It turned out to be a bumper crop of a day when I stumbled upon this virtually brand new armchair and ottoman.  I couldn't believe it was $100 for the entire set!  I swear I nearly fell over.  All the shop folk could tell me was that it had come in that morning from head office.  After I brought it home I did a little research online and finally found out that it is a Huggy Mid Century Chair and Ottoman.  Listed for up to two thousand dollars more than I paid depending on which site you go to, this was a huge feather in my thrifting cap.


Wicked Wicked Winter

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alas…It has been so long since I have posted.  In the midst of a crazy move I somehow managed to get pneumonia so I was down for the count for quite a bit.  I've got things back up and running now and hope to be a little more present on here.  We are really enjoying our new apartment.  Slowly but surely it is all coming together.  Last week my folks were visiting from Nova Scotia and we went out for an afternoon jaunt on Queen West.  Poking around INabstracto, we stumbled upon the perfect little credenza for our new living room.  Talking with Kate the owner we learned that these smaller 50's and 60's versions are becoming more and more difficult to find.  This one fits perfectly in our space and will work well for our TV. I love that it carries the grain of the wood all the way across the front and the walnut handles are really gorgeous.  Also, having not had a television in about 10 years, I'm pretty excited for the thing that sits on top as well.

Speaking of TV, I should also report that my old space and I were featured on the show Steven and Chris.  Many thanks to Meg and Mary the delightful producer and camera-woman who came over to spend the day shooting.  I am the second segment in Episode 94 (Season 7). You can see it all here.  If you don't want to watch the entire episode you can simply drag the mouse forward one segment to the second and then I'll give you a guided tour of the space!  


by hand, handsome

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I have whittled the line down to four different patterns or "personalities".  I'd venture to say each tells a different story - some a little more gregariously than others.  This week, I have also been working on a collection of matching bow ties.  The gentlemen up at Cava restaurant will don them as their new uniform.  The ones featured below are pre-tied for easy application and removal.  Essentially, for the gentleman who doesn't like to fuss trying to figure out a proper knot.  However, for the more skilled, or patient, we are also offering the real deal.


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