Beautiful Branding

Friday, December 13, 2013

I've shifted my studio to the Annapolis Valley in NS for a few weeks.  I'm hanging out with my folks again making some great dinners, watching their fancy cable and stoking the fire.  This part of the world is a whole lot different during the winter months, but there is something cozy and wondrous about it at the same time.   Businesses shut down after Christmas for a few months but at this time of year there are lots of festive parties and concerts - the community loves to come together.  We've had a ton of snow already and are due for a mighty nor'easter on Sunday.  I don't mind it.  Winter is so much more palatable in the country.  Things I'm missing about my kitchen studio at home: the light, the constant stream of CBC Radio1 and the gluten free baked goods from my Landlords.  Things I like about this new makeshift studio in my parents dining room: way more space to lay out fabric and cut, a better heavier iron and most importantly the chatter of my mom and dad in the background.

Things are ticking along with my handmade business.  Although I have a few plans for a couple of different lines, I am moving full steam ahead building my pocket square inventory.  Here is an example of the final product with the branding.  I'm really pleased with the simplicity of the design.  I have also been doing some custom orders for personalized ladies handkerchiefs.  I'm pretty pleased with how the cross stitch monograming turned out.


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