Mid-Century Recovery

Sunday, March 17, 2013

They are finally finished... The chairs that took a great deal of blood sweat and tears.  Between re-foaming the seats and backs and waiting for the fabric to arrive from the manufacturer, it was quite a lengthy process.  I'd only ever tried smaller upholstery projects in the past and these were a little trickier.  I had to shape the foam myself and apply decorative tacks to the seat backs.  It was all worth it.  Im very pleased with the results.  I've already had a couple of offers to buy them,  but i think these ones will be for me.  I just like them too much.

Here are a few other snapshots of the process.


  1. So happy to see this!
    I found 2 similar chairs (just the back is a bit different) standing on the side of my building's garbage cans few months ago...I guess one of the neighbors got tired and trashed them. Anyway, after I spotted them I hesitated for some hours before to make the BIG move to go and get them :) I am happy I decided to do it.
    I also replaced the all thing (fabric & foam) and I decided to go for a sober version (using a light brown fabric) to be put on my hallway and a retro/colored version (using an african fabric a friend had offered to me) to put on our guests bedroom (with the remaining fabric I also made a pillow to match with it).

  2. This is a fabulous transformation - upcycling at its finest!

  3. how wonderful you could just "see" these new chairs in the old ones!

  4. I'm sure the bottoms popped off for reupholstering but how did you recover the top parts?

  5. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! I really enjoyed working on these chairs. As for the top parts - There are screws that keep the backs in place from the bottom. It took a little poking and prying but after I removed the screws and wiggled the backs a little I could see the top of the back was secured with some doweling. There are holes in the inside edge of the frame and about 2 inch pieces of doweling fit in these holes and matching holes in the top of the seat back. There are two pieces of doweling securing the backs on each chair. I used a hammer (gently) to tap the backs into place over the doweling and then they pretty much snap into the frame so that they can be screwed in from below. Hope this answers your question!



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