High Flying

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One of the other things I do in my life other than decorating spaces, sewing pocket squares and refurbishing furniture is acting. For many years I've somewhat made a career of it,  dabbling here and there on stage and screen.  I realized that I rarely refer to my acting biz world on my blog as it is a place I've mostly dedicated to aesthetics and the things I enjoy making.  I've been a longtime collector of vintage clothing as well as wares.  I thought this would be a fun pic to share of a commercial I shot recently. I got to be an elite traveler parading through the airport in style with an entourage of 6 gorgeous model pilots.  I love the vintage Catch Me If You Can vibe of this spot.  And as for the company - I have to say my career was made all in one day.  I can now retire happy.


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